Tragedy strikes Dubai Pakistani family: Baby brain damaged after falling in bucket

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Doctor says boy will not be able to see, speak and walk

Tragedy struck twice at a Pakistani family in Dubai when their 13-month-old boy fell into a bucket filled with water and lost consciousness for nearly 20 minutes before his sister pulled him out.

Although he survived, the boy suffered from a brain damage that will render him unable to see, speak or walk in the future.

Ibrahim was playing with his nine-year-old sister and other little children at home last week while their mother was busy in the kitchen and their father was in another room.

His mother said he had a comb in his hand and could have dropped it in the bucket, which contained water from the air condition set in the main hall in their house.

She said the boy appeared to have climbed up the bucket to pick the comb but lost his balance and fell head-on into the bucket.

His sister, who was playing with other kids at the end of the hall, later noticed her brother was absent. She rushed to the bucket, struggled to lift her brother out and carried him to her father in the living room.

At Dubai Hospital, doctors managed to save the boy’s life but tests and X-Ray images have just shown his brain has suffered from severe damage after he swallowed a large quantity of dirty water during his 20-minute ordeal.

“When the boy fell into the water, his head banged into the bucket base. When his sister tried to pull him out, she failed because of his weight and his head banged into the base again,” said Dr Nadia Shawkat, a pediatrician at Dubai Hospital.

“This caused a further damage to his brain. Examination showed that the baby will not be able to see, speak and walk.”

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