Babies day of horror: One locked inside car for 9hrs, other left alone at home

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baby horror

The baby forgotten in car admitted in critical condition; other toddler left alone by maid who fled after stealing

A couple of more baby neglect cases have been reported in the UAE, where two toddlers are suffering the after-effects of their guardians’ negligience.

A 16-month-old Emirati baby was forgotten in the car in Ras Al Khaimah for a harrowing nine hours in the sweltering summer heat.

The baby was sleeping in the back seat of the car and the family forgot about her when they returned home at about 3pm.

They noticed her absence only at about 12am, by which time, the baby was in a critical condition.

The family rushed her to the ICU of Saqr hospital where she was administered oxygen.

While, the baby continues to be at the hospital, another similar case was reported by a local daily wherein a six-month-old baby girl was abandoned by her caretaker.

The shocked parents, who returned from work, found the baby face down on the floor alone in the house with the maid missing.

The Indonesian suspect allegedly fled stealing Dh17,000 from her Egyptian sponsors.

On the fateful day, the couple as usual left their baby in the suspect’s care and went to work in the morning.

However, by noon, when the wife rang home, she got no response and the couple rushed back home only to find their baby lying slumped on the floor, face down. Her hat covered her face, they testified in court.

The child still cries incessantly and has disturbed sleep, the parents claim.

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