Dubai: Six-year-old girl allegedly raped in restaurant toilet in Jumeirah

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Rape-childA cleaner allegedly raped a six-year-old girl in the toilet of a restaurant in Jumeirah, the Dubai Criminal Court heard. The little girl had gone to the ladies room to check her wobbly tooth in the rest room mirror. The child’s Jordanian father, ZW, waited for the girl outside the door but went back to his table a little while later.

When the girl did not come out a few minutes later, the father asked his wife to go and check on their girl. The little one came out of the rest room at that point with a pale face and quietly sat down next to her mother. She told her mother that a man had entered the bathroom while she was inside. He touched her private parts and assaulted her.

When the father heard about this, he rushed to the bathroom and found the cleaner washing his hands inside. His daughter recognised the man as the one who had sexually assaulted her, the father testified in court.

The girl underwent a medical examination and the forensic report confirmed the presence of semen in the girl’s private parts. The court will issue its verdict on July 31. (E247)

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