Skiing with a Land Cruiser: Arab youth’s car stunt goes viral

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Dubai : SUV on two wheels, one person standing on window to flash victory sign

Yet another image of an Arab youth skiing dangerously with his SUV has gone viral on Facebook with nearly 800 shares within a few hours of its posting.

The image depicts a black Toyota Land Cruiser, on two-wheels, while one of its three passengers climbs out of the window to stand atop and flash a victory sign.

Meanwhile, two other passengers are also waving out to a camera, as SUVs flanks either side of the stunt driver.

The image, which was posted on the social media site, brings into focus yet another driving stunt prevalent amongst youth across the GCC, say critics.

While no one has stepped up to take credit for this particular stunt, the license plates are Qatari.

Comments have also stirred up a hornet’s nest yet again.

Some of the comments on this new image have been scathing, with Kel Mendis writing: “Crazy stunt; playing with other people’s lives.”

Konstantin Rosin said: “It needs intelligence to realise the dangers.”

Marcelo Landais said: “Does he not realise that one wrong judgement call and his car could actually flip over and kill of them riding in it. How about their families at home? Think about them!”

While “irresponsible” and “dangerous” were the words of choice by most critics, there were several others who couldn’t help but admire the stunt.

Dimitri Papadimitropoulos wrote: “You live only once; might as well have a blast.”

R Shah wrote: “Wow, this is so amazing. I would have loved to see it in action.”

Aamir Sheikh said: “Now this is what I call style. The Arabs have it.”

In the game of one-upmanship, Abdul Basit Ayub said: “By the way anyone can do that…”

Indeed, for those who were questioning the authenticity of the picture, a video also found its way into the post, which depicts another car attempting a similar skiing stunt.

Dangerous, or just fast and furious, you decide.

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