UAE temperatures soar past 50˚C

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Mercury in the UAE soared past the dreaded 50˚C mark yesterday and weather conditions are expected t remain the same today and over the next few days.

According to UAE’s official weather forecaster National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), temperatures in the UAE’s Umm Al Zumool, a town in the south-west of Al Ain, recorded 50.9˚C yesterday.

In addition, mercury in the UAE’s internal areas is set to reach a high of 49˚C today, the NCMS says. UAE’s weather forecast for the day reads: “Hot weather in general during the daytime, becoming hazy and partly cloudy at times, with a chance of some towering clouds over the eastern mountains and the southern areas by afternoon.”

The NCMS reckons there might be “moderate winds, freshening at times by afternoon causing blowing dust over the internal areas. The relative humidity is likely to increase during night and tomorrow early morning over some coastal areas.”

Similar weather is in store for the remaining week as well. Tomorrow’s forecast reads: “Hot weather in general, becoming hazy and partly cloudy at times, especially over eastern and southern areas. Some towering clouds may develop over eastern mountains by afternoon. Moderate winds. The relative humidity is likely to increase during night and early morning times over some coastal areas. Sea will be slight to moderate.”

Authorities are advising residents to not venture out in the sun for extended periods of time, especially during the peak of the day.

The UAE’s midday break for workers is already in place, with construction workers being given a break between 12noon and 3pm from June 15 until August 15 to avoid them working in peak heat.


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