Extortionist doctored Facebook pictures to threaten couple

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Pornographic pictures of men and women found on accused’s laptop

A Pakistani salesman allegedly sent inappropriate pictures of a couple he made up to their relatives and friends and threatened the couple with continuing to do this if they fail to pay him the money he claimed he had lent them, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Dubai Prosecution also accused AAA, 38, with using Etisalat services for annoying others.

The victim, VVM, 24, Indian tourist agent, testified that he got phone calls on the office number from the accused. “When I answered the phone, the accused told me ‘I love you’.”

He later received a request from the accused to add him on his Facebook account which he accepted.

“He took from my Facebook account pictures of my sister, my friend and my wife, myself and my father and used Photoshop to change the pictures. He made my sister’s picture in underwear only and my friend totally naked. He sent the doctored pictures to my family and my friend in Qatar. I came to know from them that they had received these pictures.

“I lodged a complaint with Murraqqabat police station about the pictures and a threat that I got from him a week ago. He also threatened my wife via e-mail that he will continue sending those pictures if she did not talk to him,” he testified.

His wife JKP, 24, Indian secretary, testified that in last August her husband received calls from an Internet number on his office phone.

“Later I found out that a person made an add request on the Facebook accounts of her relatives. The accused communicated with my brother in India and falsely told him that I am in a relationship with him. He stole my pictures from my relative’s accounts and fixed a naked body to my head and sent them to my relatives. He also claimed that my husband is a womaniser. So my husband lodged a complaint with the police,” she testified.

Criminal Evidences checked the accused’s laptop and found pornographic pictures of men and women. Some of these pictures were made by using Adobe Photoshop.

The accused admitted to the accusations and the court adjourned the case for verdict until April 7.

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