UAE Ministry of Labour new rules for work permits begin

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The Ministry of Labour has begun applying new procedures for issuing work permits.

This came within the implementation of a decree issued by the Minister of Labour, Saqr Ghobash, through which he re-regulated the procedures adopted.

Failure to pay workers’ salary for two months or more in one company can now affect all companies under same owner

New procedures will also be in place for opening records for business owners whose companies commit five types of violations.

The violations include failing to pay workers’ salary for two months or more – taking into account the period during which the wages were stopped being paid and the number of workers affected by the violation.

These procedures will also be applied on companies owned by partners of the violating company.

The new procedures are based on a mechanism of notifying the concerned business owner of the committed violation.

It also grants business owners a grace period to settle the violation before their other businesses can be suspended, taking into account the imposed sanctions of the violating institution in accordance with the relating decrees.

Suspension of the other institutions includes preventing them from getting any type of work permits, whether for recruiting full or part-time workers or transferring labourers.

Other violations include failing to pay administrative claims of the ministry for months from the due date, not renewing or applying for work permits of workers for four months from his/her entry to the country or the date of joining the company.

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