What’s App detective finds BlackBerry thief

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A Filipina who allegedly stole a BlackBerry smart phone was not smart enough as she used it to take her picture and was identified by the victim via ‘WhatsApp’ service, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

EA assigned MM, 20, waitress to serve dinner in her house on March 13.MM took advantage as EA was busy with her guests and stole a BlackBerry that was in the hall.

“I could reach the thief as I saw MM’spicture on my ‘WhatsApp’ service. I immediately notified the police,” testified the victim.

In coordination with her employer, the accused was arrested and when confronting her, she opened her bag and handed over the mobile phone, testified policeman Saeed Saleh.

“She admitted to stealing the mobile when she was serving dinner at the victim’s house,” he added.

The Court will reconvene on July 10.

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