‘Nama Tuluver UAE’ to Stage Ranghabhoomi’s “Kaala Chakra” Tulu Drama

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 Namma tuluver dubai-2013-010

Nama Tuluveru UAE’s Committee Members met in Malabar Paris Restaurant on Friday the 28th June, 2013, 10 AM to discuss various programmes for the year 2013-14.  The meeting started with prayer while Shodhan Prasad welcomed the members and read out the agenda.  Purushottam Salian, Sudhakar Alva & Satish Venkataramana were on the dais.  The long hour discussion brought in lot of creativeness and interests from all the enthusiastic members voluntarily during the meeting.

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Nama Tuluveru UAE a well known vibrant secular organisation who have created a history in UAE with their ‘Tuluvere Parba 2012’ festival presentation last year with the aim of promoting Tulu language with a cause towards charity have been always providing Tuluvas in UAE with creative unique presentations as an inspiration to follow.  Around Rs.12.5 lakhs charity were collected on that particular day and already distributed to Saanidya Special Needs School, Mangalore.

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This year in April , 2013 Nama Tuluveru UAE introduced and hosted ‘Friendly Community Cricket 2013’ Tournament with teams from 12 various community organisations active participations made a impressive event with Devadiga Sangha clinching the Trophy as Winners.

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Before last year Nama Tuluveru UAE introduced Kapu Leeladhar Shetty’s ‘Aye Subhage’ drama in the jam packed Sh. Rashid Auditorium which was again a totally different laughter inventive drama very well applauded by Tuluva drama lovers all over UAE and abroad.  The comments received in various media provides the feedback and talks for itself thus encouraging Nama Tuluveru to present more and more new inventions into UAE for the Tuluvas living here.

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Ranghabhoomi Udupi’s “Kaala Chakra” To Be Staged On 23rd September, 2013

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This year Nama Tuluveru UAE has scheduled to introduce the well known Ranghabhoomi (Regd.) Udupi’s award winning Tulu Drama ‘Kaala Chakra’.  The very famous Satish Venkataramana, Managing Director of Chilly Willy Trading and a member of Nama Tuluveru has wholeheartedly extended his support as the Main Sponsor of this event which is scheduled to be held at Al Nasr Leisure land, Dubai on 26th September, 2013 at 7.30 PM.  Chilly Willy Trading a well known brand name worldwide has been supporting almost all the Community Organisations and also presenting various shows in UAE for quite a long time and has created a household name not only in Tuluvas but also Indians at large.  Satish Venkatarama while speaking to the media said that he is very happy to present this drama as a Main Sponsor and added that this troupe is well known to him and they deserve to be introduced in UAE.

Namma tuluver dubai-2013-008 

Pravin Shetty, MD of Fortune Group of Hotels (A Pravin Shetty Enterprise) has extended his full support as Co-Sponsor Hospitality.  Pravin Shetty again a person who always supports various Cultural activities in UAE always provides hospitality for the visiting guests every time and promotes these activities.

Namma tuluver dubai-2013-005 

Harish Sherigar, MD of Acme Building Materials well known singer and organiser also have come forward to support this event as a Co-Sponsor.  President of Devadiga Sangha, Harish is well known for his support to various organisations and he himself a strong person supporting with charity to the destitute.

 Namma tuluver dubai-2013-003 

Other enthusiastic Sponsors include Arun Ganiga of Speed Star Cargo, Manohar Rao of Dubai Money Exchange, Jafar Thonse of Thonse Health Centre, Herman Lewis of Radio Spice 105.4 FM, Vinay Naik of Namma TV and various Web Media’s viz.,,,,,,,, &

 Padmashree Dr. B.R. Shetty to be the Chief Guest

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Patron of Kannadigas in UAE, Padmashree Dr. B.R. Shetty has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest of the programme, himself being hailing from Udupi and being part of Ranghabhoomi Udupi is more than happy to be associated with this troupe.  He has confirmed his fullest support to Ranghabhoomi in a letter addressed to Pradeepchandra Kuthpady of Ranghabhoomi who is the son of the late Anand Ganiga one of the stalwart of Ranghabhoomi and also the hero of the latest Tulu Movie ‘Kanchilda Bale’.

Ranghabhoomi (R) Udupi is one of the oldest theatre activist of Udupi since 48 years organising various theatre workshops, drama camps, cultural programmes, state level drama competitors and an organisation which identifies and honours eminent personalities in the field of art for so many years.

About ‘Kaala Chakra’ Tulu social drama

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This new production ‘Kaala Chakra’ Tulu drama is a trend setter drama in Tulu theatre which has bagged many prizes in state level drama competition and also attained award from noted Tulu  Sahitya Academy in Karnataka.  The original script being written in Marathi by the well known Jayavanth Dalavi is being re-written in Tulu by H.K. Karkera. The story revolves around the family of old couple, a tale that narrates the mind sets of two generations very well portrayed with social message having a well built team of 11 artists some of them being the well respected stalwarts of drama field widely known in Karnataka.  To this day this drama has won the hearts of many spectators in and around Karnataka.

“KAALA CHAKRA” to be staged in Abu Dhabi also on 27th September, 2013

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Abu Dhabi Tulu Koota with the leadership of Sarvotham Shetty have planned to stage “Kaala Chakra’ in Abu Dhabi too on Friday the 27th September, 2013 at 7 PM in one of the known spacious Auditorium convenient to all the Tulu drama lovers in Abu Dhabi.  Ranghabhoomi will get a boost with the presentation in the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi wherein many Udupikar’s dwell including the stalwart himself, Dr. B.R. Shetty.  It will be a feast to the drama lovers of Abu Dhabi to watch this socio-family oriented award winning drama with ease in their city.

Nama Tuluveru’s other programme for year 2013


During the holy month of Ramadan on the 17th of July, 2013 (Wednesday) Nama Tuluveru UAE have scheduled a IFTAR PARTY specially for the Labourers residing in Al Muhaisna Area, Dubai. Members of Nama Tuluveru will gather at around 7 PM and be share the Iftar with the poor labourers in the camp there.


Donation of blood during the holy month of Ramadan is very much of importance because of the shortage of blood in the Blood Donation Centre during this time.  Hence Nama Tuluveru UAE have come forward in this great cause by scheduling a ‘Blood donation Campaign’ on 28th July, 2013 (Sunday) wherein members of Nama Tuluveru will gather in large numbers along with their friends to donate blood at Sheikha Latifa Hospital, Dubai with the campaign starting off at 7.30  PM.

Enthusiastic Committee Members have voluntarily come forward in sponsoring the above events and showed their commitment to the society they live in.  Nama Tuluveru Members have also discussed about planning an wonderful event for the year 2014 which will be released shortly.

‘Kaala Chakra’ Tulu Drama Tickets ‘Online’

The booking for much awaited Ranghabhoomi’s Tulu social drama ‘Kaala Chakra’ will be available with online booking and can be reserved by booking the link  There is no reservation of seats as it is first come first basis on the drama day.  However, those who book the tickets through this online portal will receive the tickets in advance delivered to avoid disappointment.  Organizers’ will soon publish the fee for the tickets as soon as it gets ready and it will be a nominal one.


  1. U.Balachandra, Advocate

    “Nama Tuluver UAE” This Association is doing very good job Promoting Cultural Activities besides other Social activities. I congratulate the members. Ragabhoomi Udupi was Developed with the great leadership of Late Shri Ananda Ganiga who sacrificed his entire life for the said organization. It is a record that over 40 years he lead the organization. The Artist who perform the show in Dubai & Abhu Dubai will really be appreciates by the crowd.

    I congrats Mr.Satish Venkatramana & other Sponsors for their initiative. Thanks & Good Luck.

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