Nile crocodile from Madagascar coming to Dubai

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In two years from now Dubai will have its own crocodile habitat

On Thursday, Dubai Municipality signed a Dh10 million agreement with the French company White Oryx Investment LLC to set up the first crocodile park in the Middle East.
A total number of 200 crocodiles will house the park in its first stage. They will swim, crawl, and dive in an artificially adjusted habitat, while visitors can watch and learn.

“This ambitious project would be a turning point in the history of Dubai tourism and research projects as the proposed crocodile park would encompass different crocodile species in future stages of the park development enabling the tourists and research students to learn a-z about the crocodile, a gigantic animal existing for last 220 million years,” said Hussain Nassir Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality on the occasion.
Crocodiles are not endemic to the UAE. The crocodiles of the park will be imported, originally coming from Madagascar. This brings along several challenges.

“The climate would be the biggest challenge,” said Reza Khan. “At 32°C you will get only males, while at any temperature above or below 32°C you will get only females.”


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