Prashanth Acharya elected President of Vishwakarma Sewa Samiti UAE

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Report: Shodhan Prasad

Photos: Preethi Karkal


Vishwakarma Sewa Samithi, UAE, Dubai, the premier organisation for Vishwakarman’s in UAE existing in UAE doing community service since nine years have become more popular amongst their community as a whole.  On 22nd February, 2013, as per the Samithi’s call they held the Annual General Meeting at Fortune Classic Hotel Apartments and elected the new Committee for the year 2013.

The Oath-taking ceremony was held in the august presence and solemnized by Shri Ashok Purohit, World-Renowned Astrologer, Vaastu Expert and Precious and Birth-Stone Consultant, Founder President Shri Shantharam Achar and the outgoing President Shri Rajendra Pejavar and other committee members.

Prashanth Acharya

Prashanth Acharya, one of the young dynamic executive of the Samithi was unanimously elected as the President of Vishwakarma Sewa Samithi for the current year along with the following members:

NAME                                     POSITION HELD

Shri Prashanth Acharya  : President

Smt. Pratibha Shodhan  : Vice-President

Shri Upendra Kundove  : Gen. Secretary

Shri Harishchandra Acharya (Sahithya) : Hon. Treasurer

Smt. Ashwini Umesh : Joint Secretary

Shri Umesh Acharya (Nishanth) : Joint Treasurer

Shri Nityanand Acharya  : Entertainment Secretary

Shri Dheeraj Acharya (ADH Rep)  : Joint Entertainment Secretary

Smt. Preeti Prashanth Acharya  : Joint Entertainment Secretary

Smt. Sneha Shiva Prasad  : Joint Entertainment Secretary

Smt. Vani Upendra  : Joint Entertainment Secretary

Shri Sudarshan Suratkal : Sports Secretary

Shri Ramesh Acharya (Rajashree)  : Joint Sports Secretary

Shri Surendra Acharya  : Joint Sports Secretary

Shri Suraj Acharya  : Hon. Photographer / Joint Sports Secretary

Shri Bhaskar Acharya (Al Quoz Rep.)  : Joint Sports Secretary

Shri Satish Muloor : IT/Communications Co-ordinator

Shri Sudarshan Pandeshwar  : Joint IT/Communications Co-ordinator

Shri Vrishikesh Acharya : Joint IT/Communications Co-ordinator

Shri Dharma Pal  : Abu-Dhabi Co-ordinator/Representative

Shri Rudrayya Achar  : Abu-Dhabi Co-ordinator/Representative

President Prashanth C. Acharya, is serving at Lama Group of Companies as Asst. Financial Controller & Group Credit Manager for many years and is well known in social circles for his committed service to various communities of Karnataka in UAE.

Shri Ashok Purohit in his brief blessings to the new committee complimented the Dubai Association of Vishwakarmans for being a model & a dedicated group of people in the service of the Community and their main motto of helping the poor students back home.  Both the Founder President and the outgoing President reiterated their full support to the new committee and wished them all the success in all their endeavors.   In turn, the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the New Committee while thanking the members for reposing their faith in them, rededicated themselves in the service of humanity and to do their best for the community.

The meeting then ended with a vote of thanks for the distinguished visiting guest Shri Ashok Purohit and for all the members who were present and to work together for the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of the Association in 2013.


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