Apply now: Dubai Taxi hiring drivers on commission system

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Potential candidates must possess valid licence; pass an exam and know English
Dubai Taxi Corporation at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in a statement said it is hiring drivers for its vehicles based on commission system.

Potential drivers need to successfully pass relevant exam at the main building of the Corporation, at the Ground Floor at Al Muhaisnah Area No. 4.

The move is part of its endeavor to enhance its fleet of vehicles.

Dubai Taxi Corporation has developed certain prerequisites for the drivers to join work. For instance, drivers should have a valid Light Motor Vehicle driving licence issued by the Emirates, and they should enjoy good conduct, and be familiar with English language (reading and speaking).

The applying driver should have a transferrable valid residence or a valid visit visa for at least more than one month, and a valid passport for more than six months. He should not be less than 21 years old and not more than 45 years old (Gregorian calendar), should have a good appearance, and should pass the accredited medical exams to secure residency permit. One of the main skills to acquire the job is to be familiar with all the geographical sites in the Emirate of Dubai.

Othman called on everybody who meets the required conditions to apply at the Drivers Recruitment Section at the Fleet Drivers Affairs Department to have an immediate interview at the Corporation’s headquarters located at Al Muhaisnah Area, No. 4, Road No. 76, near Lulu Village during the official working hours (7:30am -1:00pm), bringing with them the following documents: (copy of their curriculum vitae, copy of their passports, the original driving license).

For more information, contact: 04- 2080637 or 04- 2080554

No speed violation of taxi drivers will go unnoticed: RTA

A new system monitoring the speed of taxi drivers has been implemented in the emirate of Dubai by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). The system will report speed violations made by any taxi operating in Dubai.

AMAN system is designed to provide complete control over the speed of taxis, which amount to 8007 taxis distributed to five franchise companies linked to the system, in case drivers exceed the allowed speed limits in the Emirate”, said Adel Shakeri, Director of the Transportation System Department at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

The application is an initiative of Dubai Taxi Cooperation (DTC) and will be applied by Dubai Taxi, Cars Taxi, Arabia Taxi, Metro Taxi, and National Taxi. The system detects any speed violation, also when made outside working hours.

AMAN system operates in a flexible escalation mechanism that grants only 60 seconds to the driver to reduce the speed to the allowable limit. In case the driver does not notice the grace period, the system gives an alert sound. In case of the driver’s non-response, a ticket is to be issued for violating the allowed speed limits by taxis.

In addition, AMAN system meticulously identifies the location where the speed violation occurs, and recognizes the periods of speed violation, using the GPS and the Pulse system.

AMAN system includes an effective monitoring mechanism for more than 18.000 drivers, which demonstrates the broad impact of the system and highlights the urgency to make use of such cutting-edge technologies in Dubai, one of the most attractive tourist and economic destinations in terms of activities, events and festivals around the globe.

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