Dubai traffic violation fines: Will drivers be fined in emergency situations?

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Jumping red lights is one of the most serious of traffic violations: Al Zafeen

General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Head of Dubai Traffic Police, said that as per the federal law the driver caught by radar is entitled to pay his fines, and it’s the same if he jumps red light, considering it is one of the most dangerous of traffic violations.

In emergency situations such as having to rush an injured person to hospital, the Dubai Traffic Police will study individual cases that forced the driver to violate the regulations after he submits the relevant documents that proves the motorist had an emergency case, he added.

Al Zafeen stressed that jumping red lights is one of the most serious of traffic violations that drivers should avoid.

Last year 7 people died and 9 were seriously injured in accidents related to jumping red signals.

It is worth mentioning that the Federal Traffic Law fines whoever jumps red light with Dh800 and 8 black points, in addition to impounding the vehicle for 15 days.

Similarly, with regards to speeding, the Federal traffic law determines the value of the fine in accordance with how much the motorist exceeded the speed limit and the fines could range between Dh600 and Dh900.

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