Dubai: Belleans enjoy exciting Easter picnic at Zabeel Park

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 You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather. But to the excitement of all it was a great nice weather which allowed to kick off to the much awaited BELLEANS EASTER PICNIC, at Zabeel park- Karama, Dubai held on Friday, 10th April 2015.

The crowd slowly and steadily started to gather, greeting each other with Easter wishes. At 12 noon most of the invited Belleans were present. Inaugural of the Belleans picnic was held by Fr. Robert of St. Marys Church Dubai with Easter message and wished all the success for the Picnic.

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With formal welcome the crowd is formed into 4 different groups, each group was distinguished with white, green, silver and golden colored ribbons. Each group chose its group leaders.

The excitement began with warm up game called Fire in the mountain followed by game Dodge ball to lose the muscles and tidiness.  The participation of Young and old in this game created the real picnic atmosphere among the participants.

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As planned by the organizers, this picnic was dedicatedly organized for the children to encourage their talents and develop their personal relationship with each other.  Many games were conducted especially for the children one of them was three leg races for the kids under the age 15 years, and it was a great fun and good to see the enthusiasm and participation among the children.

Tying jasmine flowers of Moodubelle in Dubai was the main attraction among the participant. Organizers arranged fresh jasmine flowers from Moodubelle and tying of jasmine flower for the beautiful ladies gathered here. This game made participants to recollect their young old days. All gathered people praised the organizers organizing this particular game which is may be first time in the gulf region.

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Organizers also arranged many new innovative and fun loving games during the day which are enjoyed by the crowd. All the participants played with great enthusiasm. Games such as wheel borrow, three leg races, picking the coin, tossing the water balloon, lime and the spoon race and many more. The whole crowd participated in the games and enjoyed the picnic. Many individual games for the ladies, gents, young and old also were conducted by the organizers before the lunch.

The traditional delicious lunch served by Mr. Leo D’Souza of Canara Restaurant Karama at 1.45pm that included Rice, Pulli-koddel, Chicken Sukka,  indora Channa (Tindly-Sone) dry, Pickle and of course Leo’s special yummy Payasam.

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Immediate after the lunch break, organizers kept busy to all little kids with some fun games.  Another funny game called crossing the fence was arranged to the elder members of Belleans that was enjoyed by the crowd.  Most of the games after the lunch was group games like IQ game, blind snake, tossing the water balloon and caterpillar bulldozer one of the most innovative game enjoyed by the crowd.

After the Small tea break in the evening, groups were getting ready to play game called find your partner.

The well spent day came to end with singing antahkshari among the teams. Prizes were distributed to the winners.  The Top two winning teams with highest points declared as winners with Banana Bunch and runners up with apple box.

The entire picnic day was very well planned and organized by the organizers. About 150 adults and 30 kids gathered as one family at Zabeel Park Karama. The hard-work of the organizers are appreciated by the senior Baleens as well as crowd and requested to have such events in regular intervals.  Organizers thanked to the entire crowd and greeted each other. The Games were conducted by Renita Mathias, Cyprian Castelino, Jaison Miranda and Ivan Menezes.

In the evening before sunset the much awaited picnic came to an end at 5.30pm with happy faces all around.

Report By: Lloyd Eugene Lobo
Pics By: Cyprian Castelino, Marwin Mathias & Sandeep Dsouza

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