Student’s dad filed a lawsuit, awarded Dh10,000 compensation

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CourtA parent has won a case against his child’s school, when the court asked the institution to pay compensation for the damages suffered by the student’s family. The Abu Dhabi Civil Court of First Instance ordered a private school to pay Dh10,000 to the student’s father as compensation as it asked the boy to stay back for an academic year, reported local dailies.

 The boy was enrolled in Grade 12, but he could not appear for exams as the educational directorate did not approve of his enrollment, citing the reason that he should have ideally been admitted to Grade 11. The student’s dad filed a lawsuit demanding the school and the educational directorate pay him compensation as he allegedly paid Dh18,000 to enroll his son and an additional Dh500 to reserve a seat.
The boy had been attending classes throughout. It was only at the time of sitting for the exam that he was informed by the school that his admission as not approved by the educational directorate.

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