China’s challenger to Burj Khalifa will build taller ‘Sky City’ in 7 months

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838-metre pre-fabricated tower will come up in Changsha city

The 838-metre pre-fabricated ‘Sky City’ in Changsha, China, will be built in seven months, its developer reveals in a new video.

A short film posted by China-based Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) on Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat website shows the tower having a garden on the top most floor and open terraces, with the company dubbing the development as ‘One Building, One City, Sky City’.

Previously, BSB had planned to build the tower in three months. However, construction has not started yet and is unlikely until a clearance from the government is received.

In November, BSB told ‘The Malay Mail’ that the 838-metre-high tower would be built in mere 90 days and completed by March 2013.

BSB Senior Vice-President Juliet Jiang told ‘The Malay Mail’ that the company’s plan to construct the skyscraper “will go on as planned with the completion of five storeys a day.”

The tower will be 10 metres higher than 828-metre Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower in Dubai, UAE.

The video reveals that the tower will be 202 floors, with 1.05 million square metre space and will not withstand a of 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

Sky City will be fireproof resistant for up to three hours and have 10 fire escape routes for evacuation of a floor within 15 minutes during an emergency.

It will also have 15cm thermal insulators, four paned windows, fresh air heat recovery system, non-electric air conditioners, cooling-heating power system and LED lighting.

The tower will use BSB modular technology which features 95 per cent factory prefabrication with a construction pace of five storeys a day.

The projected cost is four billion yuan (Dh2.35 billion) and will be able to house 31,400 people.

People will use 104 electricity-saving auto-power generated lifts in the 220 storey high-rise.

BSB says the residential area will use 83 per cent of the building, while the rest will be offices, hospitals, restaurants, shops and schools. People will travel up and down using 104 high-speed elevators.

In February, Juliet Jiang, Senior Vice-President, Broad Group,  ruled out plans of setting up an office in the UAE, but said the company follows a franchisee business model for overseas expansion.

“What we do now is to transfer the technology to our franchisees who are to set up local factories. We have received many famous companies from GCC countries for Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) business.”

Five countries, including China, are vying to build the world’s tallest tower, only Kingdom Holding Company has announced that it will complete the 1,000-metre high tall Kingdom Tower in Jeddah by mid-2017.

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