Woman chokes to death on boiled egg in Ras Al Khaimah

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The Asian woman died after the egg got stuck in her throat and blocked her air passage, a police source said.

An Asian woman, who gulped down a boiled egg, died after it got stuck in her throat and blocked her air passage, a police source said.

“The Bangladeshi victim, who worked as a labourer at the Hudaibia High School, RAK, for 15 years, died in the afternoon,” the official said.

She suddenly grew pale, started jumping, then fell to the ground, and waved her hands for help, some students who watched in horror told Khaleej Times.

“The scared students alerted their teacher, headmistress, and other workers to help the struggling woman,” police said.

While some teachers frantically dialled 999, others tried to help by thumping her on the back, but the egg did not budge from her air passage.

Police who were alerted of the incident rushed to school to find that the woman had stopped breathing.

She was rushed to ICU of the nearest hospital but it was too late, police said. Initial investigations ruled out foul play. The woman was eating quickly as she was hungry, according to eye witnesses who spoke to the police. Doctors at the hospital where she was admitted said the death was due to cardiac arrest caused by choking.

Some teachers at the school, who wished to remain anonymous, told Khaleej Times that the victim was very cooperative and active. “She was a friend to us all; we were family actually.’’

The case was referred to the RAK Public Prosecution for further investigation.

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