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    Prashant S.Rao

    It is really worth watching and shall be a treat for people who have missed this program. Excellent choice of singers from India!!!, fabulous stage performance, both by Ravi Murur & Sinchan Dixit…Mr.Harish Sherigar, as usual you were sounding great, duet with Ravi Murur was awesome!!!! Congratulation once again for a superb show !!!

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    priya dath pai

    congrats harish for a splended performance.

    priya pai

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    It was a wonderful programme. I personally enjoyed all the events. It was a well planned function. congratulation to all the performers. specially for Harish sherigar.

    sunil dath pai

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    Raghavendra G

    Harishanna n team great job…. cheers

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