Apartment fire in Abu Dhabi, 3 dead

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Burnt BldgThree individuals of Asian nationality burned to death and eight others sustained minor injuries, when a fire broke out in an apartment located on the third floor of a building on Airport Road in Abu Dhabi.

Captain Abdullah Al Tamimi, Head of Customer Service and Public Relations Section at the Civil Defense Directorate General in Abu Dhabi, said the Operations Room received notification at around 4:20 pm, reporting a fire outbreak in an apartment situated on the third floor of a nine-storey building on Airport Road in Abu Dhabi. Civil Defense teams from Al Qubesat, Al Madina, And Al Falah centers of the Emergency and Public safety Department at the Central Operations Department were immediately dispatched to the scene, along with patrols from the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, Security Media and other competent authorities, to deal with the incident.

Al Tamimi said: “Upon arriving to the scene, Civil Defense teams managed to contain the flames and put out the fire that engulfed the apartment and caused minor damages to an adjacent apartment. Firefighters also managed to prevent the flames from spreading to the rest of the building, evacuated all residents, and completed the cooling process of the burnt apartment shortly after extinguishing the fire. Investigation is still underway to determine the circumstances of the incident”.

Al Tamimi urged community members to avoid gathering at the scenes of horrific accidents, which could impede traffic; and prevent the timely arrival of civil defense, ambulance and traffic teams to the scene. “This may also lead to other incidents, as a result of stopping cars in dangerous locations on the road,” he added.

Al Tamimi indicated that the investigation team immediately proceeded with its task to determine the causes of the fire. Moreover, he praised the significant collaboration with the various concerned entities, which contributed to reduce the number of casualties and prevent the fire from spreading to the rest of the apartments or neighboring buildings.

Supervising the operation were Lt. Colonel Hamad Al Riyami, Director of Civil Defense centers in Abu Dhabi and Captain Ali Al Hosani, deputy officer on duty.

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