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Dubai: Gangolli JMG forms new Executive Committee for 2013-14; an opportunity for youngsters to lead………..!!!

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JMG Riyad -Oct 28-2013-001 

Dubai;Oct 28 : A new executive committee for the year 2013-14 of the Jamathul Muslimeen Gangolli,unit,Riyadh (JMG) was formed in the executive meeting of Riyadh unit, held on Oct 25th,Friday at Kolkar Jaffer’s residence in a simple and successful ceremony.

The specialty of the meeting was, 18 members, mostly youngsters came forward to join the new executive committee for the year 2013-14.

 JMG Riyad -Oct 28-2013-002

JMG Riyad -Oct 28-2013-003

Br. Kolkar Jaffer conducted the election procedure. It was a smooth transition which demonstrated the strong unity among all the members and Br. Fazlu Rahman Kolkar was unanimously chosen as the President of the new term 2013/14.and as well as Moulana Abu Mohammed Vice President

In his speech re-elected president Br. Fazlu Rahman Kolkar thanked to committee Members and stressed on the continued need for co-operation and support from all members to help take GMJ-Riyadh Unit new heights in the years to come.  He said that he will try his best to live up to the expectation of members who shown confidence on him.

JMG Riyad -Oct 28-2013-004

JMG Riyad -Oct 28-2013-005

 Following members were elected to the Managing Committee for the year 2013-2014

1.      Br. Mohammed Jaffer Kolkar (senior adviser)
2.      Br. MH Mohammed Tahir (senior adviser)
3.      Br. Ibrahim Bedre   (senior adviser)
4.      Br. Fazlu Rahman (President)
5.      Br. Abu Mohammed Moulana (Vice President)
6.      Br. Nasrulla Shaikh (General Secretary)
7.      Br. Toufeeq Hangarkatte (Joint Secretary)
8.      Br. Abdul Fatha MH (Joint Secretary)
9.      Br. Abdussalaam Moulana (Treasurer)
10.    Br. Dastagir Shahee Mohalla (Joint Treasurer)
11.    Br. Shaikh Jaffer (Media Cordinator)
12.    Br. Riyaz Masni (Event Cordinator)
13.    Br. Najeeb MH (Adviser)
14.    Br. Mustaque Shaikh (Executive Member)
15.    Br. Abdussalaam G
16.    Br. Abdul Razzak Haikadi
17.    Br. Kauseef Shaikh
18.   Br. Sajjah Sarang

This is new committee for the year 2013-2014

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