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10-year old girl puts rapist in jail

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jail termA Saudi school teacher who had raped at least 10 girls aged between eight and 12 years was finally caught by police with the help of his last victim, a 10-year-old girl who led the detectives to where he lives when all other victims failed to locate the house.

The girl, identified as Maha, was the only victim to escape rape by the 42-year-old man, who is married with four children, when she discovered his fear of prayers. When she recited some verses from the Quran before he was about to rape her at his apartment in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah, she was surprised to see that he abruptly backed off.

As he made a fresh attempt, she again read verses she had learned at school, prompting him to pull away and threaten to beat her up. But she did not stop although he carried out his threat. The man appeared to have the guts to hit the little girl but could not attack her “purity and innocence” as she carried on reading the Quran, according to a Saudi newspaper.

“Despite his threats and smacks, I kept reciting the Holy Book from night until dawn…because of this, he could not rape me,” Maha said. Maha was the only victim who could tell police where exactly the man lives although she was forced to keep her head down when he snatched her from a wedding and drove to his area.

She said she could steal a glance at “two neighboring” pharmacies in the area and a mosque after hearing dawn prayers while she was at his flat. Police had not identified the serial rapist but Aloula newspaper said on Saturday it managed to reveal his identity, naming him as Mousa Saeed Al Zahrani and branding him “human wolf.” It said:”unfortunately, the rapist is a school teacher.”

Saudi newspapers said last week Zahrani was sentenced to death after he was convicted of rape charges but the court later denied the reports, saying the defendant is still being tried and a sentence would be issued later.

Describing how Zahrani was captured, Aloula said Maha accompanied a police officer in his private car to the area already located by detectives according to her description. The girl had also told police that Zahrani did not stop smoking shisha while she was with him, adding that police men near his small building could smell shisha at that time.

It said Maha and the officer stayed in the car near the suspect’s building for several hours until he was seen stepping out towards the nearby pharmacy. Maha told the police officer, Mousa Al Sahrani, that it was the man who abducted her, prompting him to call for police back up.

“They went after him in the pharmacy and told him that he needs to come with them to settle a traffic offence. They didn’t want to tell him about the real charges at that time. He told the police to wait outside and he would come in two minutes,” it said.

“He then accompanied them to the police station, where they cuffed him and surrounded him with many guards before starting to investigate him about the rape. “He denied the charges but the court was later shown his pictures taken by the security cameras in a shopping mall where he grabbed another girl.

“DNA tests were also positive but the defendant still denied the charges.” Newspapers said in 2011 that Zahrani, who has raped at least 10 Saudi children over a period of four years, had snatched the girls in different areas in Jeddah and taken them to his house, where he beat them up and raped them before forcing them to have alcohol and watch porno films on his laptop.

He then bundled each of them in his car, threatened to kill them and dumped them in the road, where they were picked by passersby and taken to police.

They said that DNA samples taken from the clothes of some victims were compatible with the defendant’s while medical reports provided another evidence of his crime. Police officials were quoted as saying most victims recognised the rapist.

Ajel newspaper said Zahrani had stalked little girls near rest houses and wedding halls in Jeddah and used to give them sweets or other items to lure them into his car. He had first used a Toyota Prado to hunt for victims but later changed it into a small car with black glass so his victims will not be seen by others.

“He was taking the little girls to his house and rape them. Before he goes out hunting for new victims, he used to take his wife and children to a rest house far from his home and leave them there for some time,” Sabq daily said.

It quoted Maha, whose father is a police man, as telling police how that man snatched her from a rest house late night, slapped her many times before bundling her in his car and took her to his apartment. “Kill him, kill him when you catch him,” the school girl told the police after recounting what she had been through and how she came back home.

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