Oman Tuluver – Nanaate Cultural Programme (Nalike, Naataka,Telike)

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This was the evening the people known for their love, caring, bravery, sacrifices gathered again to salute the Mother goddess and celebrated the rich culture and heritage of our Tulunadu.Yes, Its OMAN TULUVER’S, after successfully organizing number of memorable events (YAKSHAGANA IN 2016, OMAN TULUVE MEGAFAMILY SPORTS – Jan,2017, SARVAJANIKA SATHYANARAYANA POOJE – MAY, 2017) came together again on Friday 10thNovember 2017 to provide all the Tuluvers, the feel and flavour of cultural richness of Tulunadu.

OMAN TULUVER with the patronage organizing team of Ramanand Shetty,Padmakar Mendon,Sudhir Shetty, ArunPoojary,Rajesh Shetty and exclusively presented and supported by MUGHAL DARBAR (Unit of SAS Group) organised a scintillating and electrifying event in Sultanate of Oman.

The Event Started at 4 PM in the evening presided by Mr.G.V. Ramakrishna (Group Head Sales and Services Bank Muscat) and in the presence of eminent and distinguished Guest of Honours  Mr. Syed Mohammed Salim (Managing Director. SAS group), Mr.Sarvotham Shetty (President, Abudhabi Karnataka Sangha), Mr.Divakar Shetty (Managing Director. Multitech Contracting LLC), Mr. Jamaluddin (Managing Director of UDUPI Developers and promoter of Udupi city center.), Mr. Sathish Poojary (President, Billawas Dubai), Mr. Harish Sherigar (Managing Director, ACME building Materials Dubai), Mr. Harish Bangera (Managing Director. D Sources), Mrs. Suvarna Sathish Poojary (President Gammatu Kalavidaru Dubai). Mr Karunakar Rao (President. Karnataka Wing I.S.C. Oman)

Grand welcome and felicitation was conducted for all the eminent Guests by the esteemed team members of Oman Tuluver – Mrs Anusha Arun Poojary, Mrs Sandhya Sudhir Shetty, Mrs. Ashritha Ramanand Shetty, Mrs Vandana Padmakar Mendon, Mrs Shilpa Rajesh Shetty, Mr. Rajesh Shetty, Mr. Padmakar Mendon, Mr. Sudhir Shetty, Mr Arun Poojary

The eminent Guests praised the vibrant arrangements and environment created with great collaboration by esteemed team members of Oman Tuluver and the Tuluva community members. Though coming from different communities, all the gathered members showed their togetherness and oneness to support each other.

The program started by lighting the lamp (Deepa). The organizers whole heartedly welcomed all the representatives from Tuluvanadu different communities to light the lamp. This was a monumental occasion which showcased the sincere and genuine objective of Oman Tuluver team that,“we are always together in-spite of different religious beliefs”.

The invitees are Mr. Karunakar Rao, Conveyer – Bharathiya Samajika Vedike – Karnataka Wing, Mr. Vinod – Oman Brahmins, Mr Nagendra Prasad – Jain Family, Mr Divakar Shetty – Oman Bunts, Dr. C.K. Anchan – Oman Billawas, Mr. Manjunath Nayak – Amchigele Kutumba, Mr. Sashi Puthran – Muscat Mogaveera Koota, Mr. Monabba – SKMB, Mr. Stanley – MCCP, Mr. Rathnakar Acharya – Vishwa Brahmana Koota, Mr. Chinmaya Sherigar – Devadiga Sangha, Mr. Niranjan Shettighar – Padmashali Koota, Mr. Ganesh Kulal – Kulala Sangha, Mr. Santhosh Kumar – Bovi Koota

Followed by lighting the Lamp, the distinguished guests unveiled the programme NANAATE (NalikeNaatakaTelike) to start the exciting variety of Tuluva events (Dance, Drama, Comedy). The Venue was fully packed with Tuluva community eagerly waiting for this unique memorable variety of Tuluva events.The distinguished Guests expressed their admiration and shared their experience and their feelings on the stage. Mr, Sarvotham Shetty took us back to our old traditions of living together, sharing and respecting our Elders. Oman Tuluver are not only well known for their exuberant organizing abilities, but also well known in recognizing other organisations and their contribution to our Tuluva community.The esteemed team of Oman Tuluver introduced “OMANDA PERMEDA TULUVER” Awards, Where the respective organization is recognized, introduced and its members are felicitated with Memento and certificates. This award was introduced to motivate the organizations to continue their good work towards Tuluva culture, community and its heritage.

The recipient of OMANDA PERMEDA TULUVER are: Sri Ganesh Festival Committee Muscat, Spandana Committee Muscat, Tulu Nataka Promoters Committee.,Mangaluru Balaga Sohar Committee and Kudla Friends Muscat Committee…

The most awaited events started immediately after this ceremony and the entire auditoriums was filled with joy and were on their toes, to welcome the very talented young and energetic Master of Ceremony Mr. Nitesh Shetty. His ability to speak continuously in Tulu, with immense rendition of Tulu traditional language, rituals and verses, totally mesmerized the Tuluva community. Mr. Nitesh Shetty efficiently controlled the events till the end and gave a great finish to all the events.

OMAN TULUVER, with their great efforts and intentions to provide best of the flavours of our Tulunadu had invited eminent artists from Mangalore and from Dubai. All artists are not only well known within the Tuluva community, but also are well known for their performances in all parts of the world through Television and Social media. Oman Tuluva community members also joined together and gave brilliant dazzling dance performances depicting our Tuluva Culture and heritage

The entire audience, Tuluva crowd immersed with joy and laughter by Maskiri Kudla team, comedy show led by Mr Deepak Rai, famous personality, known artists with successful shows in Color kananda TV.His all-time hit show RAJA totally immersed the entire Tuluva crowd. Colourful show filled with music, dance and comedy by Mr. Umesha Mijaru and the team added more excitement to the whole auditorium. One of his act where the artists changes saree 7 times within 3 minutes totally mesmerised the entire audience.

Oman Tuluva Men and Women from all community from Tulunadu, came together with 5 different dance numbers, depicting the rich culture and heritage of Tuluva community with their great Tuluva costumes was another highlight of this event. The famous song number “Mayakadonji Porla Gali besnidege”, performed by our Tuluva Men and Women brought the audience on their toes and immersed in a feeling of Tulunadu our hometown.

The participants are Akshara Arunakara Shetty, Prashasthi Shetty, Pallavi Shetty, Shilpa Shetty, Rohini Mallya, Flavia D Souza, Jeyal Magdalene Tarakan,Soumya Sooraj Rao, Pavana Kaustub Bhat, Rajashree Ninjoor, Sangeetha Padubidri, Hendritha Nadia Colaco. Kavya Surendra Amin, Shilpa Shetty, Ruchika Mendon, Heema Ryle Lobo, Roopa Chandra Umesh, Vidya Kamalaksha Kotian, Rianna Verlin Lobo, Akshatha Rishi Amin

The entire Dance events where choreographed by Mr. Gokul Poojary, who is well known for his dancing talent and he was also the runner up in Zee TV, Boogie Woogi dance competition.
Our Tuluva Muslim Brothers participated in Dappu Dance, depicting their tradition, costumes and they danced on tune of the song on the welfare our entire Tuluva community.
The participants are Shabee Ahmed, Mohammed Asif, Aman Bava, Anas Ahmed, Mudassir, Siddique, Niyaz, Mubark.
All the performers received mementos and certificates as token of appreciation and motivation on behalf of the entire Tuluva community.

Next highlight of the event was the Tulu comedy Social drama, “Porludaye” professionally rendered and performed by “Gammatu Kalavidaru Dubai” lead by Mrs. Suvarna Satish Poojary. The drama depicted the Tulu family, relationship and social concern spreading around us. The drama came to a conclusion with a very informative social message, which was well accepted by all the members in the Auditorium. It was directed by Mr Vishwanath Shetty Dubai and produced by Ln. Kishore Shetty from LAKUMI Group..

The event concluded with a lucky drawconducted in front of the entire members with many exciting prizes given from the Oman Tuluver team..

The prize winners are Iphone7-James, Gold coin 8Gms – Sheik Abdul Munaf, Smart TV 55” – Rajesh Babu

Though, the Entire Event came to an end, it was one more beginning of new relationship and togetherness, in spite of the different culture and communities.As always OMAN TULUVER promised to the community to come back and continue their efforts in organising similar events to bring all the Oman Tuluva communities under one roof. The entire Tuluva community congratulated the efficient, flawless and dedicated efforts of the OMAN TULUVER core team members and all the volunteers and sponsors who made this a successful and blessed event.

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