Emirati police officer among three dead in Bahrain blast

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First Lieutenant Tariq Al Shehi died along with two members of the Bahraini police force “while performing his national duty of maintaining order.

An Emirati police officer from a joint Gulf force in Bahrain was among three personnel killed on Monday in a bomb blast at a village near Manama, the UAE Ministry of Interior announced on Monday.

First Lieutenant Tariq Al Shehi died along with two members of the Bahraini police force “while performing his national duty of maintaining order,” the ministry said in a statement.

The UAE officer was working in Bahrain within the Gulf Waves Force under the joint GCC security cooperation agreement.

Tariq Al Shehi“The Ministry of Interior, while mourning martyr First Lieutenant Tareq Mohammed Al Shehi and his fellow personnel, pray Allah to accept them among the group of honourable martyrs and martyrs of duty who sacrificed their souls in defence of the right and protection of innocent people,” the ministry said. It prayed Allah to grant his family the patience and solace to bear his loss.

The late Al Shehi was known among his colleagues and family of good conduct, commitment, dedication, bravery and courage.

The blast in Daih occurred when Bahrain’s security forces were dealing with riots after the funeral ritual of a Bahraini youth who died in detention of sickle cell Anemia complications.

The radical Muqawama ‘Resistance’ Group that is active in social media announced that its members were behind the blast.

The death of the three personnel comes less than a month of the death of a policemen in a similar blast in Dair, which is a village in Muharraq.

The Bahrain Interior Ministry said on its Twitter account that a group of protesters had broken away from a mourning procession in the village of Daih and started blocking roads. The explosion took place as police were trying to disperse the rioters, it added.

There was no immediate word on what had caused the blast.

The explosion occurred as hundreds of Bahrainis marched in a procession to mark the final day of mourning for the 23-year-old who died in custody last week. The Bahrain Interior Ministry had said the man, who was detained in December and had been accused of smuggling weapons, had died of an illness.

(With inputs from Suad Hamada)
Terrorist trained by Hezbollah: Dhahi Khalfan

Deputy Chairman of Dubai Police and Public Security Lt-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim has disclosed some details about the terrorist blast that killed Emirati police officer Tareq Al Shehi and two fellow Bahraini police officers in Manama on Monday.

On his Twitter page, Lt-General Dhahi Khalfan said: “The criminal, who carried out the assassination of Emirati martyr First Lieutenant Tareq Al Shehi, and his fellow Bahraini officers ‘were not quite far from the blast scene,” and “he (the criminal) used to travel to Lebanon to get training from the Hezbollah in triggering blasts.”

He further tweeted, “The fifth arm of Iran should be filtered and wiped out of the GCC region, no matter the cost.”

Lt-General Dhahi Khalfan said the Bahraini opposition had become an enemy to the GCC states and an intimate friend to the “Persians”.

In verses, he said Tareq had not fallen on Manama’s land… rather had become immortal… and his soul ascended as a martyr for peace”.

“A thousand Emirati policemen have to be deployed in Bahrain so that enemies of the Arabian Gulf countries know that the security of Bahrain is the ‘security of all of us’,” he concluded.

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