After two decades Bahrain Residents enjoy Badaguthittu Yakshafeast. 72 Years old Chittani mesmerized the Audience

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Behrain: Saartha Prathistaana Kumta (Regd), Saartha Foundation, Bahrain, Kannada & Cultural Nirdeshanaalya, Bangalur jointly in co-ordination with Inter Arts & Baron Management company Sree Veeraanjaneya Yaksha Mithra Mandali, Bangarumakki (Regd) arranged two days “Saartha Yakshotsava ”by Badaguthittu on 7th March 2013 Thursday evening at.7.30 P.M and March 8th,2013 at 5.00 P.M in Gudhebiya South Park Restaurant Auditorium, Bahrain.

Hon’ble sree Chittani Ramachandra Hegde, Padmasree awardee, a multifaceted Yakshagana exponent exhibited his talents in front of jam packed audience for the first time in Gulf country. Bahrain kannadigas were lucky enough to witness the varied actions and acts exhibited by his two children Mr.Subramanya and Mr.Narasimha in the same stage.





Besides  other artists accompanied were Sree Shankar Hegde,Neelkod,Sree Ashok Bhat,Siddapura-in Mummela(front ground music),Sree Narasimha Hegde,Maroor on Maddale(drum made out of animal skin),Sree Vigneshwara,Kesarukoppa on chende(another type of drum made out of animal skin),in back ground music.

A felicitation function was organized for Padmasree winner sree chittani Ramchandra Hegde and Sree Shreenivas Bhat, Bahrain and both have been felicitated accordingly. Writer& actor Shree Yashawant Saradeshapande-Karnataka Rajya Prashasthi & Nataka Academy Prashasthi award winner, Shree Aravinda patil, Qatar, Shree Anand Lobo-President, Indian club, Shree shantaram Shetty-M/s.Rami Group, Shree Sudhakar shetty-Prudential Manpower and shree Kiran Upadhyaya-Saartha Foundation were present on the dais. On behalf of Bangarumakki Mela (Troup) mementos were given to all the people who have helped and co-operated from the heart for the success of this programme by Shree Chittani Ramchandra Hegde.





After having felicitated Padmasree award winner sree Chittani Ramchandra Hegde said in his speech that although hitherto Yakshagana Art was limited and recognized only in Coastal region, now it has spread its wing all over the globe. This field of Yakshagana has given me and my family enough whatever we wanted in our life. This is happened only because of your wishes, love, affection and blessings of Almighty God he reiterated. Further he promised as long as I am capable I shall still strive to be on the stage and work for Yakshagana. He blessed and wished emotionally future young yakshagana artists to work hard for the growth of Yakshagana even in my absence. “Magadha vadhe and Krishnaarjuna Kaalaga” were played on 7.03.2012 and 08.03.2013 respectively. But 78 years old Chittani was looking entirely different as if he was looking 18 years old youth in his costume and make up and lured the hearts of audience with his talented act. On the second day of Yakshagana programme Bahrain residents Shree Kiran Upadhyaya and Shree Arun Airodi mesmerized the audience by taking part in the play and won the hearts of the audience.

Entry was free on both the days and more than 500 people enjoyed and cherished the complete programme.

Report By: Shekar Moily P

He is a Software Engineer from Moodbidri currently living in Kuwait. He likes to travel and post interesting things about technology. He is the designer of You may follow him on FB at

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