Problems in Vidya Siddharth’s marriage?

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The rumours about Vidya Balan’s pregnancy have been doing the rounds for a while now, but the actress recently clarified that there is no truth to the talks. Now, however, gossip mills seem to have found something new. It is being claimed that not all is fine with Vidya and Siddharth Roy Kapur’s marriage. There are loud whispers about the actress not being happy with a newcomer being promoted by her hubby.

What is further fuelling these rumours is the fact that recently, Vidya has been cancelling all her overseas appointments. All this, according to gossips is to keep an eye on Siddharth. Rumours also claim that Siddharth got friendly with another actress when Vidya was travelling frequently last year. Other reports added that the two newlyweds have been allegedly quarreling constantly over the new friendship.

Our sources also added that Vidya delayed promotions of her next film, Bobby Jasoos, because she was preoccupied with other concerns.

Also, she has been spotted visiting her parental home in Chembur regularly and this has also lead to people talking. But the actress is said to be committed to her marriage.

Siddharth has been married two times before. His first marriage was with a childhood sweetheart while his second wife was a producer. They got a divorce in 2011.

Vidya remained unavailable for comment.

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