Bollywood actress Salma Agha join Pushpa Milind Bhole “Padyatra” at Goregaov, Mumbai

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With the Lok Sabha elections less than 10days away in Mumbai, many stars have been appealing to the public to step out and vote. Be it on social media or at social events, several celebrities have been talking about social evils and political apathy. Pushpa Milind Bhole is campaigning. On her forth day Bollywood actress Salma Agha joined “Padyatra” the vote for Pushpa Milind Bhole Bahujan Samajvadi Party in Goregaon in north-west Mumbai. Salma Agha said, “Pushpa Ji message is clear: only a woman can understand a woman’s problems, which is why people should vote for her. Pushpaji is the best candidate in your North West constituency and she always work for needy people.”

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Thousands of people from North-West area came forward to support Pushpa Milind Bhole. She is a social worker. She always fights for rights of senior citizen and widows. She said’ “I will not cheat you like the others have just give me one chance to prove myself to you. Your vote is very important so be careful before pressing of voting machine. Give your vote to right person who work for you.”

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