Exclusive Pictures of Sunburn Arena and Showman Entertainment’s Mohammed Fasih DJ Deadmau5 in Mumbai

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Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-002

Sunburn Season 7 was a breathless roller coaster ride of musical over-drive. Sunburn Arena and Showman Entertainment makes Mumbaikar’s all dream come true by bringing the Grammy-nominated DJ Deadmau5 to Indian shores. All Sunburners gets a treat of first ever show artwork with Deadmau5 on a gentle giant Elephant designed specially as a collector`s item. The epic bhangra track of Daler Mehendi’s hit ’90s number Tunak tunak tun had been given an impressive EDM (electronic dance music) treatment by one of the world’s most popular DJs. With that sample, Grammy-nominated Joel Thomas Zimmerman, known to the world as Deadmau5, earned himself several Indian fans. Bigg Boss 7 fame Candy Brar was seen enjoying the evening with her friends.

Showman Entertainment Mohammad Fasih said, “It was a memorable moment for me. I enjoyed the party of Deadmau5 and he is giving Mumbai the amazing experience”.

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-001

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-003

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-004

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-005

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-006

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-007

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-008

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-009

Sunburn Arena and Showman -March 28_2014-010

Enjoying his superstardom fresh out of being the winner of the IDMA best Breakthrough Artist Award , Ali Merchant having blast at the party. Salim and Sulieman Merchant were seen tapping their foot on rocking music. Sofie was seen enjoying the DJ music night with Harindra Singh. Talat Aziz was seen chatting with her wife Beena Aziz about the awesome music. Rehan shah was seen enjoying the party till the last track. Singer Armaan Malik and Amal Malik were seen shaking and moving their bodies in different array of music. It was a one stop entertainment for fans and followers by getting all the favorite and biggest artist right in Mumbai.

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