Shah Rukh Khan sends flight passengers into a tizzy

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Passengers on a Mumbai bound flight from Malaysia went ballistic when informed about Shah Rukh Khan presence. Here’s what happened on the flight.

On his way back to Mumbai from Malaysia, where he performed as part of the ‘Temptation Reloaded’ tour, Shah Rukh Khan was in for some more fan love. When it was announced on the flight that SRK was aboard, fans were gripped by an unparalleled frenzy.

Says passenger Rohit Nag, who was on the same flight as SRK, “When I checked-in, I could see that the Malaysian airline staff was really excited. The pilot too was over the moon about flying SRK. Not only did the airhostess welcome the star, but the pilot went on to announce that SRK was on board. After that it was absolute mayhem.”

Nag adds that celeb-struck passengers went on to scream his name, hoping that Shah Rukh would wave at them. Some people also tried to approach him as they wanted him to sign autographs for them and get him to pose for pictures. Another passenger says that after a point, t8.he staff found it difficult to control the crowd surrounding the star.

“Fifteen minutes after the take-off, all hell broke loose as everyone wanted to see SRK. It then became difficult for the staff to manage the crowd. In fact, food was served a little late because his fans didn’t want to be seated and they continued to hover around SRK,” says this passenger.

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