The nightingale compliments Bebo on her performance

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17Kareena-Kapoor-esRecently Kareena Kapoor’s last release Talaash had a television outing. And incidentally, Lata Mangeshkar caught the screening on TV and called the actress to compliment her on her performance in the film. A source says, “Last week Kareena got a call from Lataji. The singer happened to see her film on TV and really loved her performance. So she thought of conveying her message to Kareena and made the call.”

Apparently Bebo was so overwhelmed with the singer’s words that she could not stop telling people around her about the incident. “Lataji has always liked Kareena’s performances in various films and wanted to tell her this. However, somehow she never got a chance to meet or express herself to the actress. She thinks that she is one of the best actresses of the current generation.”

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