Ranbir Kapoor calls Besharam complete nonsense, tears up ticket

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Taking a cue from our ageless youth icon Rahul Gandhi, another youth icon Ranbir Kapoor has called his recently released movie ‘Besharam‘ a “complete nonsense” and has torn up a ticket of the movie to display his anguish.

The incident happened when director of the film, Abhinav Kashyap was talking to the press while attending a promotional event after the film had a poor opening. Though Ranbir was not invited at the meeting but he, out of nowhere and without any prior intimation, jumped into the press conference.
Thinking that Ranbir was there to promote the movie, Abhinav handed over the mike to him. But to his shock, Ranbir called the movie a complete nonsense. Not only that, he tore up and threw away a ticket of the movie that he was carrying in his pocket.
Ranbir immediately left after that, leaving everybody stunned. After recovering from the shock, Abhinav in a damage control exercise clarified what Ranbir’s statement actually meant.
“He was only trying to convey meaning of the ‘title’ in English by calling it ‘Nonsense’ for the understanding of the English media,” Abhinav tried to downplay the situation just as he had been downplaying reviews of the movie.
However, experts feel that this was a deliberate attempt by Ranbir to distance himself from this disaster called Besharam like Rahul Gandhi previously distanced himself from the disaster called ordinance, and that is why he took so many days to come out in open. The only difference being, while Ranbir has been giving hits after hits, the same can’t be said about Rahul.
But Ranbir’s aides have a different story to tell. According to them, he actually watched the movie only last night and it was an impromptu decision by him to call it “nonsense”.
Meanwhile sources from the film’s crew allege that it was an attempt by Ranbir to malign Abhinav publicly.
According to them, there were differences between the actor and the director over who is calling the shots ever since the movie went on floor. But soon after the movie’s dismal box office performance, both were seen crediting each other for its failure at every event.

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