Suriya follows Salman Khan’s footsteps!

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ust couple of days back, Salman Khan reprimanded his die hard fans to stop abusing other stars and stop fighting with fans of other stars. Reinstating the friendship between the Khans, Salman went on to follow Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan on Twitter. And he even threatened to leave Twitter forever if fans continued to fight and bad mouth other stars.

Taking a leaf out of Salman’s book, Tamil star Suriya also made his point when he tweeted,”Just don’t want fans n well wishers to fight with other fans..! Spend more time on yourself,family n make them proud! hv a great day!!” Infact the Masss actor had even retweeted some of Salman’s tweet from the other night, supporting Kick actor’s stand on stopping hatred and spreading love.

Just like the bitter fights between Shah Rukh and Salman fans, even down south the fans of stars like Ajith, Vijay and Suriya are always on loggerheads, never missing a chance of abusing each other on social media. Looks like Suriya has been deeply affected by Salman’s tweets and is inspired to end the fan fighting on social media following Salman Khan’s footsteps.

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