Rabia claims…several in B-Town asking her to drop charges against Sooraj

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SurajThe Jiah Khan suicide case has taken another turn after her mother Rabia claimed that several Bollywood bigwigs have asked her to withdraw her complaint against Sooraj Pancholi, who has been arrested for abetting the suicide.

Sooraj was arrested on Monday in the wake of a six-page letter penned by Jiah, which her mother Rabia handed over to the cops. Based on the contents of the letter, the officers on Monday recorded the statements of Rabia and other family members who had alleged that Jiah’s troubled relationship with Sooraj was the cause of her death.

However, now, Rabia claims that several B-Town stars approached her and asked her to drop the complaint. But Rabia said that she would push the case forward and would under no circumstance withdraw the complaint. “I have received many calls from the Bollywood fraternity asking me to withdraw the case and settle the matter, as they believe Sooraj is innocent,” she said.

Abortion reports  Meanwhile, investigating officials in the case said that they had received medical report from the hospital where Jiah had undergone an abortion. “We have received the medical reports from the hospital where the foetus was aborted,” said an official.

According to Juhu police, Sooraj knew of the pregnancy and the abortion and that her sisters Karishma and Kavita also knew of the incident. Based on this information, cops took down Karishma’s statement again.  The police have also already taken the primary information from the doctor who Jiah and Sooraj had gone to for the procedure. They have also called in a handwriting expert to match the writing from the suicide note and the five love letters that were found at Sooraj’s home.

Cops also revealed that in the last one year, the couple had visited Khandala, Lonavala and even gone to Goa for a vacation. In his statement to the police, Sooraj accepted that he had assaulted Jiah during a fight in Goa eight months ago after which Jiah had slit her wrists in a bid to kill herself.

Facebook page to demand justice for Jiah  A Facebook page titled, ‘Justice for Jiah Khan’, was launched on Monday on the networking site . An initiative by a news and content website, it is reportedly supported by several Bollywood artists and media professionals. The page states that Jiah’s suicide was completely sudden, unexpected and uncalled for. She was a strong, determined person and it is obvious there is much more than what meets the eye, the page says. (MD)

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