‘I am waiting for a call from Chiranjeevi’

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Puri Jagannath

The dream run of the Jr NTR-starrer Temper has put Puri Jagannath right back at the top. Currently basking in the warm glow of success, the director answers our questions about his plans of working with Chiranjeevi for the latter’s 150th film, his equation with RGV, his upcoming projects and more

There are rumours of you directing Chiranjeevi for his 150th film…
“The answer is in your question. These are all still rumours and not true. However, I want to bring to your notice about an incident that took place during the premiere show of Buddah Hoga Tera Baap. Mr Bachchan was in Hyderabad and during the press meet, he asked Chiranjeevi to get back to movies with his 150th film and recommended my name to direct it. Big B had also said that he would do a guest role in the movie if I directed it. However, we have never discussed it though I have met Chiranjeevi several times.”

You once tweeted that it would be nice if he worked with you?
It was not me who tweeted. It was Ram Gopal Varma who tweeted saying that megastar Chiranjeevi should assign me as the director for his 150th film and that it would be a great visual feast for all Chiranjeevi’s fans if I directed his movie. I don’t know if Chiranjeevi has read those tweets. We haven’t met since then and I can’t say for sure that he even knows about those Tweets.

Do you have a script that would be suitable for him?
Right now, I don’t have a script but it would be a great honour if I got the opportunity to direct Chiranjeevi’s 150th film.

Ever since my childhood, I have been a great fan of Chiranjeevi. You will not believe that as a die-hard fan, I used to decorate cinema theatres whenever his new movies released. I have grown up watching Chiranjeevi’s movies. And if I get an opportunity to direct Chiranjeevi’s 150th film, as a hardcore fan, I will make sure that I will showcase him in such a manner and in such an avatar that it will satiate every fan of the megastar. He is a hero of the masses.

I have already registered the title Autojaani only for Chiranjeevi but as of now I don’t have a story or script for this title. But I am confident that after hearing about a title such as Autojaani, no one will ever enquire about the story. I am eagerly waiting for Chiranjeevi’s phone call in this regard.

What about your ‘best friend’ and big mouth, RGV?
I agree. If there is one man in India who can be labeled as a big mouth, it is Ram Gopal Varma. He is the only man in India with the courage to express his thoughts without mincing any words. That is why I love him. And believe me, without Ram Gopal Varma, Twitter would be boring and TV Channels cannot survive without his tweets.

After Temper, what do have lined up next?
My next project will be a women-centric film titled Jyothilakshmi. Charmee Kaur will be essaying the lead role in the film. Currently, the pre-production work is going on.

How are you taking the success of Temper?
Success and failure are both dangerous situations. One needs to be very careful about oneself in both these situations.

The three reasons why you lose your temper are…
Idiocy, lack of common sense and irresponsibility are the main reasons why I get annoyed. However, I never express nor expose my temper even when I get angry.

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