Muslim clerics seek removal of controversial scenes from ‘pk’

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Lucknow: Even as Hindu organisations continue to demand a ban on Aamir Khan-starrer pk for its alleged anti-Hindu content, Muslim clerics are also seeking removal of controversial scenes from the film.

Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahali, well-known Sunni cleric and a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), said on Monday that the Censor Board should remove the scenes to ensure that communal harmony is not disturbed.

“I have been told about some scenes of the film that are hurting religious sentiments. If it is so, it is not good and freedom of expression does not give anyone the liberty to trample over the feelings of another citizen. The Censor Board should review the film remove such scenes so that communal harmony is not disturbed,” he said.

The Maulana said that the atmosphere in Uttar Pradesh was already surcharged and small issues were being blown out of proportion.

“With controversies over love jihad and conversions already creating a divide between two communities, we can ill-afford another issue that threatens to divide the communities. Film makers should also exercise caution and restraint about the content in their films.,” the Maulana said.

Another Muslim cleric, Maulana Hameedul Hasan also said that the film must be reviewed and re-censored before the issue takes on a wider communal color.

“At this point of time, we cannot afford a Hindu-Muslim divide that causes social tension. The government must step in take necessary action,” he said.

The film pk has also stirred a hornet’s nest and several Hindu organisations are demanding deletion of scenes where a character playing Lord Shiva is seen being chased by an alien played by Aamir Khan.

The VHP, Bajrang Dal and Jan Jagriti Samiti have sought an immediate ban on the movie.

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