This Valentine’s Day, exercise with your partner to spark romance

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Mumbai: Pamper her with flowers and chocolates for sure, but also take her to romantic indoor fitness session this Valentine’s Day.

Surfset Fitness, a fun and surf-inspired workout, has introduced a special couple workout available on Feb 12-14 for all fitness enthusiastic lovebirds here.

The special V-Day workout is designed to bring couples closer by making them work together in harmony. The studio is designed to recreate the real surfing experience with romantic music and lighting.

“While dark chocolate can be a tasty source of antioxidants, exercising with your partner releases feel-good endorphins that can lead to a healthier relationship in more ways than one,” Deepak Tejsinghani, managing director, Surfset Fitness India, said in a statement.

“When you work out in tandem, you share an exercise ‘high’ due to increased serotonin in the brain and this helps build trust with your partner,” Tejsinghani added.

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