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War and science..

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literature - war and science


It is a common, though misplaced, belief that science is responsible for the frequent, highly destructive 20th century wars. The last century witnessed two extremely disastrous global wars.

Even the debris of the 1st war had not been cleared when the second broke out. And this war proved moredevastating than the previous one. Americans dropped atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki completely effacing the two towns from the world map! Thus there naturally creeps suspicion into the minds of the people that there is some vital correlation between science and war.

But man kind used to indulge in fighting even when science was in its embryonic stage. Acquisitional instinct was as strong in Alexander’s mind as in Hitler’s. The absence of scientific weapons did not deter Alexander from setting out on an ambitious program of world conquest. Nor was it the availability of these techniques that spurred Hitler to march his troops to Austria. The two were incorrigible power maniacs! As long as there exist Alexanders and Hitlers in this world, there will be no end to war.
hence to hold science responsible for war is wholly unjustified!

WAR is in the mind..never in the heart! Its a state of mind, crave for power and exhibition of supremacy!!

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