Kayakers paddle to within feet of molten lava from Kilauea volcano, Hawaii

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canoe-volcano-4Pedro Oliva, from Brazil, paddles to within feet of the red-hot lava flowing down from Kilauea volcano on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. He was part of an expedition to explore some of Hawaii’s lesser known kayaking routes with fellow kayakers Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry. But as if that wasn’t enough, he decided to get out and explore the expanding coastline – on foot. He even tested the searing heat of the 700C to 1,100C molten lava by dipping his oar in it – before it promptly caught fire.

kayak-volcano-3The group, who spent one day exploring the lava flows, which cascaded down from a 200ft cliff, braved red-hot water temperature tipping 50 degrees Celsius. Ben said: One of the biggest dangers was the toxic steam produced when the lava comes into contact with the water. You could hear the sound of the lava hissing as it hit the ocean. It was out of this world.

kayak-volcano-2The group were filming the latest leg of TV program Kaiak, an adventure kayak series aired on Brazilian channel Canal Off.During the trip last month they explored four islands – Big Island (Hawaii), Maui, Kauai, and Oahu – scouting over 300 waterfalls and rivers.Molten lava spews down the side of Kilauea volcano and into the Pacific Ocean. Daredevil kayaker Pedro Oliva paddles within feet of the lava.

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