Priest found dead at St. Peter’s Seminary in Bangalore

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Bangalore : A Catholic priest has been found dead at a seminary in suburban Bangalore today. The body of 55-year-old Father KL Thomas was found near his bedroom by cleaners at the St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary, where he was serving as the rector for the past five years.  Police say they suspect he might have been murdered as there is evidence of injuries on his head and other parts of his body.



Investigating officers say three persons had trespassed the premises last Tuesday with an intention to rob some antique furniture. A 70-year-old watchman managed to thwart their robbery attempt, but the culprits beat him up before escaping. They are still at large and police say they might have attempted to rob the seminary again on Sunday night. Investigations are on and the priest’s post-mortem report is expected within three days.

None heard anything’

While the assailants had a free run on the campus, police find it difficult to believe that none heard any commotion, especially when they had even broken open a grill door. Police said the gang may have prowled around the seminary for at least two hours.

The 150-odd students on the campus had left for their homes last week for summer vacation. Thomas and Patrick were the only two men staying at the seminary on Sunday night. One security guard had been posted at the front gate and other at the rear.
Security guard Mann Singh of Padmashree Security Services, who was at the front gate, said he saw nobody or heard anything that night and that he had been sleeping in his kiosk, as it was raining heavily.

No forcible entry

Police said that while there were no signs of forcible entry into Thomas’ room, the assailants had tried to force open the adjacent room where Patrick stayed.

Patrick told the police that he heard some sounds at his door at around 2:30 am, but did not venture out. However, officers who questioned Patrick and security guard Singh said the two had made contradictory statements. Police Commissioner B G Jyothiprakash Mirji said five special teams, including that of the Central Crime Branch, had been formed to apprehend the killers.

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