Man murders wife in Dubai, flees to India

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Atif-PopereThe kin of a Mumbai-based woman have alleged that her husband murdered her in Dubai. Atif Popere (24), who is a prime suspect in the case, is believed to have fled the UAE and returned to India. Atif is believed to have taken the help of a Pakistani national to kill his wife in Dubai.

The police have arrested the accomplice identified as Ali. The motive behind the murder is unclear. The victim has been identified as Bushra (23). Bushra and Atif lived in Bur Dubai and worked as shop managers. They also had a three-year old daughter, who lived in India with her grandparents. The couple got married four years ago in India and then went to Dubai for better prospects.

Bushra’s brother Nigil Dhananjayan, who works as a sales manager, was in Dubai when the crime was committed. He said that his sister was of the habit of sharing the minutest details of her life with him every day. Recalling the last conversation they shared, he said, “On March 9, she spoke to me very normally, not mentioning any problem to me.

The next day, I kept calling but no one picked up my call. I decided to speak to her the next day. I also received a call from her in-laws saying that my sister had not called. My sister used to call her in-laws in India three to four times a day, as her daughter was in India with them.”

The next day, Nigil got a call from police officials telling him that Bushra’s body was found on the border between Bur Dubai and Al-Ain. Post-mortem reports revealed that she was strangulated. Nigil was called to identify his sister’s body after two days. On March 20, he brought her sister’s mortal remains back to Mumbai for last rites.

According to Bushra’s family members, investigations led the Dubai police to Ali, who runs a laptop shop and was Atif’s closest friend. He was arrested and in the course of interrogations, confessed to helping his friend Atif dispose of the body.

The family members allege that Ali has been continuously changing his statements to the police. Atif had reportedly called Ali and told him that he wanted to return to Mumbai. He told Atif to bring his car to his building in Bur Dubai, and send him a blank message on his phone once he reached.

When Atif met him on the ground floor of the building, he was drenched in sweat. Later, the two put Bushra’s body in a black polythene bag and shoved it inside Ali’s car. They drove it to the border and dumped the body. Post mortem reports have revealed that the murder took place in the wee hours of March 11. Within a few hours, Atif took a flight to India, while Ali stayed back.

Atif’s mother, Firoza Popere, who is based in Raigad, said, “What Atif has done is criminal. We have deleted him from our life. Whenever the cops find him he should be severely punished. We will ensure a good life for our granddaughter.” She claimed that their son and daughter-in-law called on March 9 and seemed very happy. “ I had never thought that this could happen.”

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