Is your husband cheating on you? Find out now

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We are all afraid of the word ‘infidelity’. India is a land of values and rituals, marriage being the most sacred. Marriages in Indian are not only the unison of two people but also two families. If something is going wrong in your marriage, it automatically affects a lot more others. So, know your marriage, break the shell and act. Know if you husband is cheating on you. Cheating is unacceptable, women. There are always clues, open you eyes now to identify them. Save yourself from cheating.

1. Look for a change in your man’s sex drive.
There are two changes to look for here. The more obvious one is that if your man is seeing someone else, he may not be excited about sex anymore. If your sex life is already going through a rough patch, then not having much sex doesn’t mean your man is cheating, however, if he used to be excited about getting into bed with you and isn’t anymore, it may be a sign that he’s sleeping with someone else. Notice if your man is suddenly greedy for sex? This may mean that his sex drive has become more intense because he’s getting it from elsewhere.

Analyze him in bed. Is he suddenly much more adventurous than before? Has he always stuck to the same routine and is he now trying to spice things up? On the contrary if he only wants to have sex in the dark, then it may be because he does not feel right about sharing his body with two women.

2. Too many presents could lead to too many problems.
Is your hubby being too nice? Have the surprise gifts increased? This could be possibly because he feels guilty for being unfaithful. Sudden sweetness can surely be suspicious. But then again, he could just be being nicer because you are going through a rough patch and he is trying to make it up to you. If he suddenly brings you flowers, chocolate, and sweet cards, he could just be trying to be bringing back that loving feeling. Alternatively, he may be compensating for cheating.

3. Is he helping too much around the house?
If your husband has always been the typical ‘I can even fetch a glass of water from the kitchen types’ and suddenly starts taking too much interest in household chores, time to think, maybe. He’s certainly trying to compensate for something, and it may be cheating. Be alert.

4. What is he doing with the mobile phone?
Is there a password you are unaware of? Is he over the phone way too much? Have the official meetings and dinners increased? Though it may be a little too much to check his phone, keep a track on when is he talking on the phone? Late nights are suspicious. Check out if he has become inseparable with his phone. If he steps out to take a phone call and comes back looking either upset, excited, or apologetic, you may start to wonder who’s on the other line. If you walk in when he’s on the phone and he abruptly ends the conversation, then he may be talking to another woman.

5. Excuses? Too many, do not ignore:
Pay attention to his excuses. If you and your husband spent most of your free time together, and he’s suddenly never around for suspicious reasons, then he may be spending his time with another lady.

6. Follow him, if things go out of control:
If you are afraid to ask if he is cheating or have not found enough evidence, you can try following him to see where he really goes. Again, this is another way to lose his trust very quickly. Here are some ways to pull this off: Don’t follow him in your own car. Borrow a friend’s car. Keep a safe distance.

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