Protect your skin from ‘wear and tear’ this winter season

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New Delhi: Festive season, specially New Year celebrations followed by the wedding season, gives one enough reason to flaunt the perfect skin.

Dr Sirisha Singh, the founding member and Medical Director of The Skin Center, has given some easy tips to achieve the perfect skin this winter.

After the harsh summer heat, the cool weather brings a relief and the general tendency is to believe that one doesn’t need sunscreens as there is hardly any sunlight. This is purely a myth as sunscreens protect us from UV light and it is the visible light index that is low in winters, whereas the UV index continues to stay high. Use of a sunscreen is therefore mandatory during winters. and using a greasier sunscreen formulation like a lotion instead of a gel, works wonders.

Every individual has slightly different skin, different problem areas and different type of problems. Therefore, the skin care regime needs to be customized for each individual. In summary, most of us need an anti-ageing cream, perhaps a few more active agents like vitamins and a moisturizer at night.

Cleansing the skin is very important, specially at the beginning of the day, to prepare the skin for the day, and at the end while going to bed, to get rid of the dirt and grime that our skin is subjected to during the day. Even people with normal to oily skin may need to use pH neutral cleansers during winter. If you have dry skin, you can use an oatmeal bath to get the best results. To make it at home, blend half a cup of oatmeal in a mug of water till it is fully dissolved and use it as a soap substitute.

Moisturizing is imperative this season and using glycerin is advisable, as it is usually mild and soaks inside the skin without feeling too heavy or greasy on the skin surface. If one has a collection of dead skin, then a mild exfoliant may be used to gently scrub away the dead skin. Shea butter is more suitable for people with extremely dry skin.

Taking care of your internal health all through the year is crucial as it reflects on your skin. One should continue to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

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