CEO stuns employee with heartwarming letter, post sex-change operation

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The pictures of Siddhant before and after the sex-change operation

The employee, Siddhant, sent a letter to his colleagues, including the CEO, about the operation

The CEO of a company, Mark, was, recently, the recipient of a letter that requested something unique. The letter, by an employee who recently underwent a sex change operation, asked Mark and other colleagues to refer to him by his new name, Siddhant.

“It may take some time for us to get used to the idea of calling you Siddhant, and we may also refer to you in the feminine gender. Please do not take offence. With time, we will all get used to the new name,” read Mark’s reply. The CEO’s letter meant everything to Siddhant who has worked in the company for 13 years.

The firm had even loaned him money for the surgery. “I can’t understand Siddhant, as no one can understand what he is going through. But yes, we can accept him the way he is and support him, and that is what we did. I have known him for more than 12 years now and our relationship remains the same,” Mark told sunday mid-day.

‘They all accepted me’
“I always felt I was a man in the body of a woman. I decided to go for a sex change and in May 2012, I got the testosterone shots. In a few years, the whole procedure will be complete,” said 36-year-old Siddhant, who was called Sonal earlier.

“A few colleagues noticed my facial hair, but I dismissed their questions. However, I asked my boss whether I should reveal the secret to everyone. He was more than comfortable with it. I sent the e-mail, with a copy marked to my CEO, and his reply was nothing less than a gift for me,” said Siddhant, adding that he is in the middle of changing his name formally. “I came out to the people who matter to me, my family, my boss and so on. They all accepted me,” he added.

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