Son to testify against mom who killed Marol policeman (Update)

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TestifyThe 14-year-old son of the assistant police inspector, who was killed by his wife on Sunday, has been made a witness to testify against his mother. The boy witnessed his mother, Parvati Taksalkar (40), kill her husband Nandkishore Taksalkar (45), an assistant police inspector, at their Marol residence. The boy was in the bedroom when he heard his father’s cry. When he entered the hall, he found his mother had hit Nandkishore on the head with a grinding stone.

Parvati then picked up a hammer to hit Nandkishore, but the boy tried to intervene. Parvati then pushed him away, screaming that she was tired of her husband and would kill him. She had then hit Nandkishore with the hammer, killing him instantly.

In shock, the boy ran into his bedroom. Parvati meanwhile went to the Powai police station and confessed her crime. A police officer attached to Powai police station said, “A detailed statement of the boy has been taken by us. He has narrated the entire incident to us. He will be given counselling, as he witnessed his mother kill his father. It has left him mentally upset.”(MM)

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