Married pair try to kill themselves for a second time

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Mukesh-Tina-KothariIn order to make their families approve of their marriage, a couple in Kurla attempted to kill themselves twice. But the futile suicide bids proved unsuccessful in persuading their families as well. The police, meanwhile, have not registered a case against them so far. The Nehru Nagar police, who have been embroiled in controversy recently for taking bribes over their lax attitude, have not even counselled the duo.

According to sources, Tina Kothari (28) and Mukesh Kothari secretly got married with the help of their friends nearly a month ago. They did not inform anyone in their families. Mukesh’s family is objecting to his new alliance, as he is already married and has a kid. Tina, on the other hand, got a divorce from her nine-year marriage six months ago. After the couple returned from honeymoon, they were confronted by their families and were forced to live apart.

Fed up of trying to win over their families, the two decided to end their lives. A week back, Tina took some 10 sleeping pills and was admitted to Sushrut hospital. Following her discharge two days ago, the family informed the police who took down a detailed statement from her. They let her off after a stern warning. Tina said Mukesh’s family had threatened her and forcibly made her sign divorce papers. “I spoke to my husband who has assured me that no matter what happens, we will stay together. If they do not allow us to live together, we will end our lives,” she said.

Her husband, Mukesh, the son of a jewellery storeowner in Kurla (East), took the same step. He consumed poison after his family separated him from Tina and was admitted to the same hospital. Mukesh’s brother Ashok said, “Who will take responsibility of his (first) wife and child? We do not approve of their relationship. The police should take some steps to sort out the matter but they have done nothing. Both of them have threatened to commit suicide again.”

Additional Commissioner of Police Quaiser Khalid (east region) said, “I am not aware of the case but will look into it.” A doctor at the hospital, refusing to identify himself, confirmed the incident. “Both Tina and Mukesh were admitted to our hospital and both the times we did not inform the police. The police had come once to take down their statement but did not turn up later. We have done our job and now it is the police’s responsibility to investigate the matter.”

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