‘I’ve killed my husband and his body is lying at our house.”

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Mumbai - WifeThe Powai police officials were left dumbfounded yesterday after a woman trudged into the police station in blood-stained clothes with her teenaged son and said that she had killed her husband. Thirty-six-year-old Parvati Taksalkar beat her husband Nandkishor, with a hammer and kadappa (granite stone) in front of their son Satish, at their house in Marol police camp last afternoon. She then locked the door to the house and left for the police station.

 API-NandkishorThe deceased, assistant police inspector Nandkishor Taksalkar, 43, was an alcoholic. Parvati said Taksalkar beat her up many times as he was always suspicious of her character. If Parvati so much as spoke to another man, he would squabble with her and assault her, she said. After killing him, Parvati, her clothes stained red, went to the Powai police station with Satish, 14, and announced at the station house, “I have killed my husband and his body is lying at our house.”

The officers and the other staff on duty were shocked. But Parvati reportedly showed no regret over killing her husband. A team was instantly dispatched to their residence. According to Senior Inspector Bajirao Bhosle, the couple was staying at the police camp for the last six years. Parvati was the second wife of Taksalkar, who was also her second husband. She has two children from her first husband of which Satish is one.

The police said Taksalkar was an alcoholic. A neighbour, on the condition of anonymity, said, “The couple used to fight daily and the husband would drink day and night.” SI Bhosle said there are several non-cognisable complaints against Taksalkar in Powai police station.

Night before crime
On Saturday night, there had been a terrible fight between the husband and wife, after which, around 1 am, they went to the police station brawling and arguing. Cops said they bickered bitterly even in front of them. The police asked them to stay at the station for the night.At the police station, Taksalkar begged to be pardoned. He apologised to Parvati several times in front of the officers and promised such a thing would never happen again. SI Bhosle said, “We counselled the couple. They were finally asked to go at 10 in the morning on Sunday.”

The police said that soon after they reached home, Taksalkar started drinking. In their one-bedroom house, a violent fight erupted once again. The police found most of the kitchen utensils outside their house. Around 3 in the afternoon, a heavily drunk Taksalkar went to sleep. But Parvati, delirious with rage, took the kadappa from the kitchen and hit Taksalkar on the head. She then brought a hammer and hit him in front of Satish.

Bhosle said, “Taksalkar always doubted the character of his wife. Even if she spoke to someone, he used to fight with her. On the other hand, Taksalkar was an alcoholic. Parvati has been charged with murder and will be produced in the court on Monday.” Taksalkar was a 1996 batch Mumbai police officer. He was attached to the Local Arms Unit 4. He had served in four police stations earlier. He had a son from his first wife, who stays at Bhandup.  (MD)

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