Sony’s new magnetic tape can store 185TB of data or 64,750,000 songs

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Mumbai: Sony has unveiled their research that they have managed to pack in a whopping 148GB or 64,750,000 songs of data on one square-inch of magnetic tape. The newly developed magnetic tape is roughly 74 times the density of standard magnetic tapes.

Computer World reported that the technology represents the world’s highest recording density for the medium, the electronics giant said, and could allow the creation of tape cartridges with a capacity of 185 TB. The new tape can store a whopping 377,0000 hours of audio.

To manufacture the new technology tape, Sony used a kind of vacuum thin film-forming technology called sputter deposition. The process involves shooting argon ions at a polymer film substrate, which produces layers of magnetic crystal particles. Sony said it wants to advance the thin-layer deposition technologies and commercialize the new tape, but it did not say when such a product could appear on the market.

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