Jealous 3rd wife plots 2nd wife’s murder

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OshiwaraOshiwara: Driven by jealousy, a 26-year-old woman allegedly plotted the murder of husband’s second wife along with his driver, who was arrested last week by police officials at Oshiwara police station. In a twisted turn of events, the Oshiwara police arrested the woman, who was identified as Vanita Motwani, on Tuesday from Koparkhairne in Navi Mumbai, based on the driver’s statement to the police.

Last week Sushma Darekar was found murdered at her Patliputra residence in Oshiwara, where she lived with her husband Sunil Darekar. Arrested driver, Pravin Kagze, confessed that Sunil’s third wife Vanita Motwani had plotted the murder with him

During interrogation, 30-year-old Pravin Kagze, who was arrested by the police last week confessed to have killed his employer, Sushma Darekar, and robbed gold ornaments worth Rs 9 lakh with the help of his cousin Nilesh. He told the police that his employer’s third wife, Motwani, instructed him to eliminate Darekar.

Darekar’s body was found at her Patliputra residence where she stayed with her husband Sunil Darekar. The police had arrested Kagze and his cousin Nilesh based on the mobile location of the assassins at the time of the incident. After his arrest, Kagze told the police that Motwani had been planning the crime for the last three months.

The police officers investigating the case said that Motwani, who had been in a relation with Sunil for a year, found out that Sunil was already married twice. “When Motwani confronted Sunil, he said he would leave the other two women and be faithful to her. However, he failed to keep the promise, which fuelled jealousy,” said a police officer from the Oshiwara police station.

Motwani, who wanted Sunil’s undivided attention and love, lured Kagze into eliminating Darekar. “Motwani, who had an affair with Kagze, asked him to kill Sushma for her. And Kagze’s award for the crime would be the gold ornaments that Darekar owned. She also asked the driver to make the murder look like an accident and escape with the jewellery to Ratnagiri.

Police officers said Motwani told Kagze that she would continue seeing him even after the murder, but if he refused to do the task she would tell Sunil that Kagze tried to rape her and get him fired and arrested. “We arrested Motwani on Tuesday and are investigating the case further,” said D Rupwate, senior police inspector of Oshiwara police station.(MD)

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