Gold bar in socks- Industrialist arrested

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Mumbai-Gold BarsMumbai : An industrialist was arrested by the air intelligence unit (AIU) early on Sunday morning for attempting to evade duty on expensive gadgets and gold. In a separate case, a Zambian woman was arrested for carrying drugs weighing 9 kg.

The businessman was intercepted when he landed in Mumbai while the Zambian national was arrested ahead of her departure. Around 4am, Chirag Patel, owner of a pharmaceutical firm Plethico, which makes diet supplements, landed in Mumbai from the US by an Emirates flight. While he was crossing the green channel, he was asked by the AIU officials if he wanted to declare anything. Even as Patel said he had nothing to declare, AIU officials insisted on a check. Officials said they found iPads, expensive phones and tablets in commercial quantity costing Rs 5 lakh. “When we asked if he had anything else to declare again, he refused,” said an AIU official. After checking, officials discovered that he was wearing a new watch costing Rs 20 lakh and found $14,000 in his blazer pockets. On removing his shoes, officials found a gold bar worth Rs 3 lakh hidden inside his socks. “He gave his statement and we found all the invoices as well. He was later arrested,” said an official.

Meanwhile, the Zambian national, Nava Monde, scheduled to travel on an Ethiopian airliner to Lusaka. Monde was intercepted as she was about to check in her luggage. AIU officials said they nabbed her based on a tip-off and added that small packets of methaqualone had been concealed in Monde’s bag. “Each packet had 75 gm of drugs,” said an official. The drugs are valued at Rs 1.5 crore on the black market. Monde works as a data entry clerk in Lusaka and has two children back home, officials said. (TOI)

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