Mumbai Man fights legal battle against fine for kissing girl, wins

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A year after Mumbai police fined a man for a kiss on a girl’s cheek while seeing her off, a court here has acquitted him for lack of evidence.

Kuber Sarup (26) won the court battle on April 1, of all days.

The incident took place in February last year.

“I dropped her at Carter road in Bandra and got her an autorickshaw and before leaving, I kissed her,” said Sarup, who runs a production house.

Though the girl did not mind, the police did, and he was charged under section 110 of Bombay Police Act, for ‘indecent behaviour in public’.

“A policeman caught me and fined me Rs 1,200 and gave me a long lecture on morality and how I should not behave in public.”

Next day, as per the procedure, he appeared in the court and pleaded not guilty.

“Three witnesses were examined to prove that I inappropriately touched the girl and kissed her. However, the police could not prove the case,” said Sarup.

On April 1 he won the case. The fine amount was refunded.

“This is a stupid case to waste the court’s time on. Court’s time was wasted for nothing,” he said.

He is now planning to file a PIL in the Bombay High Court so that in future nobody is harassed in this way.

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