Pizza delivery boy who assaulted, attempted to rape, beaten by a Mumbai girl

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GIRL RAPEMumbai: The Mumbai police today arrested a 17-year-old pizza delivery boy for attempting to rape a girl at her residence. The Worli police said the 22-year-old girl had placed order for pizza with Chovisan Pizza Center in the area last night.

The teen delivery boy brought pizza to her residence, and noticing that she was alone, allegedly barged in and tried to rape her, police said. As the girl resisted, reportedly by beating him with a grinding stone, and raised an alarm, he assaulted her with a kitchen knife and ran away, they said.

The girl lay in pool of blood for quite some time, but neighbours arrived after hearing her cries. She was taken to Poddar hospital. The boy was tracked down to his residence on the basis of information from the shop owner, arrested and sent to juvenile remand home, since he is a minor.

 According to an Indian Express report, the boy had left 7.45 pm after delivering the pizza but returned under the pretext of delivering chilli flakes. “The woman got irritated at the boy ringing her bell again. An argument followed and the accused pushed her inside and latched the door,” said Dipak Pawar, senior inspector.

The owner of the Pizza had hired the boy 20 days back. The owner said the boy told did not return to the shop after delivering the pizza, saying that he had fought with his girlfriend.

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